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The Importance of Collaborative Space in Laboratories

September 23,2016

Laboratories have long been establishments dedicated to innovation and collaboration. Thus, designing architectural spaces that promote peer collaboration and the effective communication of ideas is essential to maintaining a successful laboratory facility. Keep reading to discover more about the importance of including collaborative and social spaces in modern-day laboratory design and construction. Collaborative Meeting Spaces Formal meetings and discussions are an important part of any endeavor, including scientific and engineering development. As the world becomes a more global place every day, laboratories require collaborative meeting spaces that allow participants to engage in conversations and activities regardless of whether they are…

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How Healthcare Design Extends Into the Community

September 9,2016

Today, hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country are working to extend their reach from acute care centers to promoters of community wellness through education and preventive programs. As a step along the path toward this goal, hospital architecture is changing as well to incorporate concepts such as walkability and organic design in a push toward healthier doctors and patients. By creating and implementing healthcare facility designs that reflect the current status of medical knowledge regarding health, wellness, and fitness, architects are fostering a closer connection between idea and practice that can benefit entire communities as a whole. Walkable…

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