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Making Healthcare Spaces More Inviting

August 26,2016

Modern architectural design focuses on the effects of a building’s layout, features, and design on mood and comfort. Studies have shown that patients have higher rates of recovery in well-designed spaces that feel more inviting, while physician mood and efficiency is also improved when a building’s design promotes productivity and mental focus. There are several building features and characteristics that affect mood, including ceiling height, hallway width, lighting, and accessibility; taking these factors into account during the architectural design phase can have a dramatic and positive impact on the welcoming nature of the finished building. Large, Open Spaces Spaces that…

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Lighting Design in Healthcare Facilities

August 12,2016

Healthcare facilities are designed to promote patient comfort and improve physician function. Lighting plays an essential role in the atmosphere, safety, and usability of any building, and is also one of the largest costs associated with architectural planning and building design. Today, architects must consider lighting design carefully when integrating this feature into the larger functionality of the building as a whole. Patient Comfort Particularly in private rooms and common areas, healthcare facility lighting design should focus on patient and visitor comfort. Today, adjustable task lighting has become a priority in personal rooms, allowing patients or visitors to read or…

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