Making Healthcare Spaces More Inviting

Making Healthcare Spaces More Inviting

August 26, 2016

Modern architectural design focuses on the effects of a building’s layout, features, and design on mood and comfort. Studies have shown that patients have higher rates of recovery in well-designed spaces that feel more inviting, while physician mood and efficiency is also improved when a building’s design promotes productivity and mental focus. There are several building features and characteristics that affect mood, including ceiling height, hallway width, lighting, and accessibility; taking these factors into account during the architectural design phase can have a dramatic and positive impact on the welcoming nature of the finished building.

Large, Open Spaces

Spaces that look and feel large and open also naturally feel more inviting, while a crowded, cluttered, or dark space has the opposite effect. Modern hospitals are designing larger entryways, hallways, and registration areas to create a feeling of welcome from the moment patients or visitors step in the door. Even when a space cannot be physically expanded, adding features such as large windows, plentiful lighting, and high ceilings can mimic the feel of a larger space to achieve the same result.

Softer Building Design

Today’s hospitals are no longer the sharp-edged, harshly-lit clinical spaces of the past. Modern architectural development of healthcare spaces has focused on “softer” building designs that incorporate rounded edges in hallways and furnishings to create a more organic look and feel. Natural lighting or lighting options with softer hues enhance this effect, leaving patients feeling more comfortable and relaxed in exam rooms, rehabilitation areas, and even private spaces. Organic and natural building materials, including wood and fabrics, take this design style one step further for maximum comfort.

Whether you are looking to build a new facility or update your existing healthcare spaces, Sears Gerbo Architecture of Tucson can help. We’ll put our experience and our forward-thinking architectural design focus to work for you to plan and create a facility that is both functional and appealing. Please contact our architectural firm today by calling (520) 722-5079, or take some time to explore our website for more information about our services and past achievements.

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