POSITION: Architectural Designer

Sears Gerbo Architecture, LLC

POSITION: Architectural Designer M-F, 8AM – 5PM Full-time – 40 hrs/wk.

DUTIES: Perform dimensional and routine calculations for drawings and design layouts, visiting project sites to
compile measurements if required. Consider constraining factors such as planning legislation, environmental
impact, and project budget in the design. Use knowledge on environmental, energy and sustainable design to be
able to choose the best methodology and materials in design for getting LEED certificates for the building to
minimize adverse environmental impact and energy conservation. Ensure that all layouts and blueprints meet
the required codes and legal standards such as space and site requirements. Analyze building codes, space and
site requirements, and other technical documents and reports to determine their influence on architectural
drawings. Meet with clients to review and discuss architectural drawings and concept based on their need.
Produce CAD drawings and renderings, as well as color/material boards, to develop interior room arrangements
that can be discussed with clients. Using computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment and applications to create
building designs and highly detailed drawings, create 3D rendering and interactive representations of design by
design software. Design schematic or detailed scale plans for buildings based on preliminary concepts, sketches,
engineering requirement, specification sheets, and other data. Development of final construction drawings with
aesthetic, technical representations, and details for construction purposes. Produce CAD drawings and
renderings, as well as color/material boards, to develop interior room arrangements that can then be discussed
with clients, communicate design ideas to the client graphically. Writing and presenting reports, proposals, and
cost estimates. Prepare marketing materials and presentation and assisting principle to prepare proposals to
create opportunities for getting new projects. Working and coordinate with a team of other expertise such as
electrical, mechanical, structure engineers, and construction managers, integration of engineering elements into
architectural design. Determine impact of environmental, zoning, and other regulations on site. Establish
sustainability goals affecting building performance. Prepare diagrams illustrating spatial relationships and
functional adjacencies

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in Architecture (or foreign equivalent) with emphasis on Environmental
and/or Sustainability. 2 years architectural drafting experience (can be gained while completing Master’s level
courses) which must include experience with: CAD software such as Revit, Sketchup, AutoCAD, 3d Studio
Max, vray, Rhino, Grasshopper; Environmental and Energy Analysis software such as: Autodesk Ectotect
Analysis, Energy plus, Ladybug and Honeybee Grasshopper, Equest; Graphics or photo imaging software:
Photoshop, InDesign, Illustration.

Job location: 4547 E Fort Lowell Road, Ste. 421, Tucson, AZ 85712

Qualified applicants send resume to: t.gerbo@searsgerboarch.com