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Sears Gerbo Architecture, LLC is a full service architecture firm specializing in complex building environments. We have earned our reputation as a firm that can handle the biggest and most complex projects that science and technology companies require for sustained success. We are also well-versed in the design of general architecture projects as diverse as offices, call centers, retail centers, and single-family homes. Sears Gerbo Architecture values versatility, so you can be confident that we can handle any architectural project.

We believe good design and discovery must go hand in hand. Great architecture must encourage inspiration and imagination, it must be innovative as well as spark innovation. The built environment must be a cohesive whole, functionally and aesthetically. We believe in the use of form, texture and light to enhance the functional experience.

We want our architecture to exhibit a sense of art and delight in form and image. We embrace the nature of materials and find inspiration in their honest exploitation of texture and tactile nature. Light is the essence of space and creates an enlightened sense of movement through environments. Spaces between spaces are often as important as the distinct spaces themselves

We do not adhere to any architectural style but rather strive to create unique contemporary buildings that are symbolic of place, environment and function. We strive for timeless solutions. We emphasize process over style. We are committed to the use of form, texture and light to enhance the functional experience. We also consider sustainable design to be a guiding principal and are registered with the Green Building Council’s LEED program.

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