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Colors to Use in the Workplace

November 18,2016

Color can have a dramatic effect on mood, focus, and even creativity. While many office designers and business owners opt for a simple and clean approach to office d├ęcor and color, painting the walls white and choosing an uninspiring color palette can actually hinder, rather than help, employee productivity and accuracy. Incorporating colors that allow employees to relax and focus into your corporate office design will improve not only the atmosphere of your workplace, but also the quality of the work your employees produce. Green and Blue Green and blue are colors drawn from the natural environment. These colors often…

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How Classroom Design Affects Learning

November 4,2016

Classroom learning is a traditional method found in schools across the globe. While teaching technique has a clear influence on student attentiveness and information retention, new studies have shown that the design of the classroom itself also plays a vital role in the learning process. Thus, the architectural development of classrooms and schools that create an environment that facilitates learning should be an important consideration when designing or updating modern learning institutions. Classroom Characteristics and Student Progress There are several design details and characteristics that can impact the atmosphere and environment in a classroom. A recent study, performed by the…

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