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Understanding the Psychological Value of Space

August 24,2015

The look and layout of a building’s interior combine to create the psychological feeling you take away from the space. People naturally gravitate toward spaces that make them feel comfortable and calm, while disliking time spent in places that evoke feelings of anxiety or stress. Thus, modern architecture has found a new focus in developing interior spaces and designs that cultivate positive feelings and moods. Survival versus Wellbeing The feelings your environment evokes have a profound impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. According to numerous biological studies, spaces that more closely mimic the natural environment support not only increased…

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Sears Gerbo Architecture’s Talent on Display in Recent Article

April 1,2015

Photo: Randy Montoya/Sandia Labs Science labs aren’t buildings that the everyday public regards as being beautiful, but they absolutely can be with regard to function as well as appearance. We take special pride in designing scientific buildings like labs and research centers, so we were thrilled to discover that 10% of the buildings in Gizmodo’s recent article entitled “These Are the Most Beautiful Science Labs in the World,” were worked on by either Matt Sears or Tom Gerbo while they were employed at HDR. Matt Sears designed the three buildings that make up Technical Area 3 at Los Alamos…

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