How Healthcare Design Extends Into the Community

How Healthcare Design Extends Into the Community

September 9, 2016

Today, hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country are working to extend their reach from acute care centers to promoters of community wellness through education and preventive programs. As a step along the path toward this goal, hospital architecture is changing as well to incorporate concepts such as walkability and organic design in a push toward healthier doctors and patients. By creating and implementing healthcare facility designs that reflect the current status of medical knowledge regarding health, wellness, and fitness, architects are fostering a closer connection between idea and practice that can benefit entire communities as a whole.

Walkable Campuses

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to keep the body in shape, particularly in today’s busy world. Architectural design of large healthcare campuses has thus moved toward increasing the walkability of these campuses by providing accessible and well-lit footpaths between facilities, as well as manicured gardens and organic greenspaces designed to encourage healthcare workers and community members alike to spend time enjoying these spaces. By laying the foundation for regular physical activity, these walkable campuses are helping to incorporate daily walking into community members’ routines.

Nutritional Offerings

Good health means balancing physical activity with beneficial nutrition to give the body everything it needs for daily energy and healing. Modern healthcare facility design has grown to incorporate space capable of providing healthy meals with a variety of options for staff, visitors, and patients. This focus on foodservice ensures that community members working in the healthcare field or receiving care have access to the meal options they need to maintain energy levels and mental focus, as well as manage weight through smarter eating choices. Such accommodations for high-quality food and plentiful variety aim to reduce serious and widespread health concerns such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

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