The Importance of Collaborative Space in Laboratories

The Importance of Collaborative Space in Laboratories

September 23, 2016

Laboratories have long been establishments dedicated to innovation and collaboration. Thus, designing architectural spaces that promote peer collaboration and the effective communication of ideas is essential to maintaining a successful laboratory facility. Keep reading to discover more about the importance of including collaborative and social spaces in modern-day laboratory design and construction.

Collaborative Meeting Spaces

Formal meetings and discussions are an important part of any endeavor, including scientific and engineering development. As the world becomes a more global place every day, laboratories require collaborative meeting spaces that allow participants to engage in conversations and activities regardless of whether they are present onsite or located miles away. Smart meeting spaces that include accommodations for computing equipment and up-to-date networking and telecommunications connectivity ensure that meetings can begin and proceed on time and without technical delays or difficulties. Such smart spaces allow communication methods such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing, remote presentations, and virtual computing to connect multiple participants to the conversation at once.

Group-Based Labs

Team-based lab work is often a significant contributor to advancements in scientific understanding and development. Designing laboratory space with this concept in mind allows both small and large teams access to everything they need for maximum efficiency and collaboration. Flexible engineering systems allow teams to configure lab space on an as-needed basis, while open floor plans encourage individuals to move between workspaces easily and fluidly. By using room designs that allow team members to make visual contact with partners or easily hold conversations from individual workspaces, group-based labs facilitate teamwork so groups can work more closely as a unit through vital everyday social interactions.

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