Laboratory Architecture

The current trend in laboratory architecture is to transform traditional laboratories into environments that exhibit greater flexibility than ever before. Not only are lab architects today expected to meet the immediate requirements of the facility, but they are often also expected to provide designs that meet projected future demands as well. Sears Gerbo Architecture knows the importance of modularity and flexibility in the laboratory setting and is skilled at incorporating them into every design.

Today’s lab seeks to provide an atmosphere that encourages team-based research activities through increased close interaction between multiple researchers. This goal presents a need for labs that offer a balance between open and closed spaces while maintaining environmental stability. Certain technological demands that accommodate advances in equipment must also be considered by laboratory architects, as do developments in science parks and other resources that help popular industry partnerships to thrive.

Any or all of these requirements can be achieved by the expert lab architects of Sears Gerbo Architecture. Our firm combines state-of-the-art design with imaginative discovery so that projects meet and exceed both functional and aesthetic demands. Lab designs that meet the progressive challenges of today’s industry are met through a process that combines the needs and vision of the client with the expertise of our skilled laboratory architects. Labs that address the research requirements of today while meeting the potential demands of the future can be realized through the professional laboratory architecture provided by Sears Gerbo Architecture.

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