Advanced Micro Devices

Submicron Development Center


Advanced Micro Devices


Sunnyvale, California


The SDC is a 190,723 SF research and development microelectronics facility on AMD?s campus in Sunnyvale. The building is a three story design with process support level at grade, the Class 1 Cleanroom (M1 @ 0.1?) on level 2 and the fan systems on level 3. The SDC is linked to an existing AMD facility to the North.

The 27,155 SF cleanroom is a bay/chase configuration for implant, EPI, diffusion and etch while the photolithography area is a ballroom configuration. Total mechanical, electrical and DI systems (18megohm/cm) occupy 78,582 SF and process support areas, including chemical pumping systems, clean pipe fab, process/facility maintenance and hazardous waste holding occupy 44,791 SF. The vibration specification was 125 ?inch/sec. Design and construction, by Rudolph & Sletten Construction Company, was completed in 24 months. Total construction cost was $125,000,000. This project won an AIA WMR Design Award.

Project Team

Executive Architect: ADP

Project Designer: Matt Sears while affiliated with ADP

Class 1 Cleanroom, Microelectronics