Ventana Medical Systems Inc.

Corporate Offices, Research Laboratories & Manufacturing


Ventana Medical Systems Inc.


Oro Valley, Arizona


Ventana Medical Systems Inc. develops and manufactures diagnostic instruments and reagent systems for use in histology and anatomic pathology laboratories to assist in the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases. Located on a 20 acre site in Rancho Vistoso Technology Park, the campus serves as VMSI’s world headquarters for marketing research and manufacturing. This 182,400sf project is composed of three separate yet connected facilities: 37,600sf ¬†administrative and marketing offices, 59,200sf laboratory / engineering support and customer training building, and a 85,600sf medical device manufacturing, QA, QC and warehouse/shipping facility. Tilt-up precast concrete walls were utilized for the building’s skin and angled out at 15 degrees to provide shading and a distinctive image signature for the facility. The curved purple entry arcade is a metaphor for VMSI’s automated slide staining instruments. This project’s construction cost was $22,000,000 and won a¬†TCI National Design award.

Executive Architect: HDR, Inc.

Programming/Project Design/Project Management: Matt Sears while affiliated with HDR

Programming/Laboratory Design: Tom Gerbo while affiliated with HDR

Medical Devices Advanced Manufacturing