Highlighting the Features of an Efficient Lab Space

Highlighting the Features of an Efficient Lab Space

February 21, 2016

The work that happens in a laboratory is creative, precise, collaborative, and can be downright revolutionary when all of the right elements are in place. In order for a lab to be as productive as possible, the design of the space must emphasize efficiency. A Tucson architecture firm that specializes in designing state-of-the-art laboratories can help you transform your lab into a space that is equipped to handle the rigors of modern science. Keep reading to learn about the features that can make a lab space more efficient.


Safety is paramount in a lab setting, and indeed a lab cannot be efficient if it is not also safe. An efficient lab setting should make it easy to follow safety protocols so that they become second nature—not something that must be adjusted to at every turn. Safety equipment like goggles and gloves should be stored in an easily accessible place where it is impossible to overlook, such as near the entrance of the laboratory. Any work performed that is potentially hazardous should be relegated to certain designated areas where it can be easily contained in case of an accident. The lab’s design should make this obvious to minimize risk and increase safety.


While your laboratory may have specific protocols for different processes, an efficient lab space should make it easy to accommodate different needs. Consider having both fixed and flexible solutions so that you can help your workers customize their space as their tasks vary. Under-counter storage can be very helpful, and mobile stations allow you to adjust your space as you go to make it more efficient.


A laboratory can become more efficient when there is an open design that emphasizes a smooth workflow. Open labs are ideal for team-based work, and facilitate cooperation and sharing of equipment, materials, and manpower. Most modern lab designs have an element of openness to them which helps improve efficiency.
When you’re looking for ways to create a safe and efficient lab space, contact Sears and Gerbo Architecture in Tucson at (520) 722-5079. We specialize in designing laboratories that exceed your expectations for aesthetics as well as functionality. Visit our website to view examples of laboratory architecture we have designed.

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