Federal Projects Architecture

Federal projects engaged with the task of erecting new facilities for various uses are a bit more restricted in their freedom to create than civilian building projects are. Such projects fall under the ‘Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture’ which ensures that both space suitability and economic responsibility are achieved through the designs of federal building architecture. Federal architectural projects must demonstrate safety and security while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Federal architecture must meet two outlined requirements. The first requirement is that all Federal office buildings must provide government facilities that are both economical and efficient in their design and operation. The second federal office building requirement is that all structures must compliment the American Government through visual enhancement that embraces the qualities of enterprise, stability, dignity and vigor.

The Federal Government has selected Sears Gerbo Architecture on numerous occasions to provide federal building designs that effectively meet the requirements of the “Guiding Principles for Federal Architecture”. Our skilled architects have worked on a number of diverse Federal projects for the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security, and several other federal agencies.

Photo of architecture from a Tucson, Arizona firm
Modern building design work, from Sears Gerbo
Entry Canopy architecture
Modern architecture design concept
Architecture from a Tucson firm
Institutional design concept
Inside photo of a building designed by Tucson architectural firm
Biotech architecture, by Sears Gerbo
Architectural building design
Architectural design concept, by Sears Gerbo
Design work for beautiful building