Biotechnology Architecture

The surging demand for industrial and environmental biotechnology solutions has created the need for startups, growing companies, and educational centers to begin thinking about biotechnology architecture as a way to service their direct needs.  At Sears Gerbo Architecture, we specialize in biotechnology architecture designed from the inside out, with flexibility and modularity in mind. Form follows function in the research laboratories we design, along with their supporting administrative, faculty, conference, and training rooms. We ensure that all these unique parts flow together harmoniously to meet the demands and goals of the entire complex.

Today, biotechnology incubators are in high demand. Concern for synergy and collaboration are of paramount importance when designing studio labs and shared spaces, especially in multidisciplinary environments. Since many biotech companies begin in these shared spaces, it is important that an experienced biotechnology architect consider their designs in terms of employee recruitment and retention as well as scientific function.

The biotechnology architects at Sears Gerbo Architecture understand the importance of both building functionality and physical appearance. Our expert designers ensure that the biotech architecture produced for your project meets every need and provides every required convenience smoothly and efficiently. Whether you prefer to pursue traditional building infrastructure or wish to explore the possibilities of cutting-edge biotechnology architecture options such as solar energy, Sears Gerbo Architecture provides winning designs like the ones created for Scripps Research Institute and Ventana Medical Systems.

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