Commercially Engineered Facility Construction

Los Alamos National Laboratory


Los Alamos National Laboratory


Los Alamos, New Mexico


Los Alamos National Laboratory endeavors to build a new biochemistry research laboratory in Technical Area 3 (TA-3). The CEFC will be LANL’s first erection of a prefabricated modular laboratory building. LANL is intending to construct the CEFC in two phases.

The CEFC will be an interdisciplinary research facility, primarily biochemistry. The laboratories will be supported by staff offices, laboratory support services, and facility support spaces. The laboratories will be operated under Biological Safety Level 2 protocols as defined by the Centers for Disease Control in Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, 6th Edition. The CEFC as proposed consists of Phase I, 12,600 gross square feet and Phase II, 7,200 gross square feet.