The Connection Between Architectural Programming and Design

The Connection Between Architectural Programming and Design

July 25, 2016

While architectural programming and design are both integral aspects of any given architectural project, they work in much different ways. However, they do work in conjunction. An integrated approach to architectural programming and design improves accuracy and boosts efficiency. Feel free to keep reading if you would like a closer look at the connection between architectural programming and design.

Architectural Programming

The purpose of architectural programming is to seek out problems that need to be solved. A team of professionals will discover what the requirements of a given project will entail by looking at the necessary parameters. The process of programming is designed to outline the specific needs of a project so that the team can come to an appropriate and efficient solution.

Architectural Design

While the point of architectural programming is to outline and define the tasks that must be accomplished throughout a given architectural project, architectural design seeks to come up with a solution. The design component looks at the points highlighted throughout the programming aspect in order to devise a holistic plan that will keep the architectural project moving. Efficient architectural design will help to define each team member’s role and keep everyone on the same page in terms of goal setting and analysis.

Integrated Approach

Architectural programming and architectural design are two different components, but they work together to help your team achieve the desired goal. Companies like Sears Gerbo Architecture will use an integrated and interactive approach, understanding the value of both of these elements. This type of approach keeps the operation accurate, balanced, and on budget.
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