Characteristics to Look for in Green Architectural Design

Characteristics to Look for in Green Architectural Design

February 5, 2016

Now more than ever, there is a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness in many aspects of life. Hybrid cars are becoming more common on the road, while homeowners take steps to save water, electricity, and energy as fuel prices go up and supplies dwindle. When you are looking for an architect in Tucson to assist you with designing a new building, be it a laboratory, office building, or a residential home, choose a firm that is well-versed in green architectural design. Green architectural design can benefit the building’s inhabitants as well as the environment. Read on to learn about characteristics you should look for in green architectural design.

Heating and Cooling

No matter where a building is located, chances are there needs to be a reliable heating and cooling system to keep its occupants comfortable. A green architectural plan should include an energy-efficient heating and cooling system with vents designed for maximum comfort but minimal energy usage. Features such as programmable thermostats, insulated walls, and a smart use of windows can make a building comfortable while reducing the energy used for heating and cooling. The heating and cooling system itself is just one component of regulating the temperature within a building, so talk to your architect about how different aspects of the building work together to achieve a common goal.

Power Sources

Alternative energy sources are being used more and more, especially in the design of new buildings. Green architectural design may involve one or more alternative energy sources, such as wind or solar power. These alternative energy sources help reduce the carbon output from a building, lessening the strain on the environment. Many buildings have both conventional and alternative energy sources, so offsetting energy usage even in a partial way may be an option for newly constructed buildings. Solar panels can be positioned in an unobtrusive way so that they don’t interfere with the building’s aesthetics.

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