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June 17,2015

Trends in Laboratory Designs

In designing a modern laboratory, architects strive to create a lab environment responsive to present needs while still capable of accommodating future demands. Key needs driving this lab design trend includes the desire to create social buildings that facilitate team-based research and the need for flexibility in lab designs. Additionally, architects strive to create lab designs that are environmentally sustainable, which sometimes includes development of science parks with the government. Social buildings In today’s research labs, science is an intensely social pursuit. A successful and productive scientist is intimately familiar with the substance and styles of his or her colleague’s…

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May 30,2015

Architecturally Famed Hospitals from Around the World

Modern hospital facilities are structures that combine top-quality healthcare with cutting-edge medical research and technological development. As the functionality of hospitals continues to evolve, so too does hospital design; below, you’ll discover just a few of the most famous and forward-thinking hospitals around the world in terms of building design and architecture. Rey Juan Carlos Hospital – Image from Rey Juan Carlos Hospital Located in Madrid, Spain, the Rey Juan Carlos Hospital’s architectural design highlights the use of circular structures to achieve a comforting and pleasing aesthetic in a departure from hospitals with long, narrow…

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