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November 30,2015

Identifying Building Features that Boost Employee Productivity

A successful business might start with an idea, but at some point it will require a physical headquarters. Fortunately Tucson architects can help you design and build the perfect home base for your needs. Read on if you are interested in identifying building features that boost employee productivity. Indoor Air Quality You might notice that a building feels particularly stuffy or uncomfortable as soon as you walk through its doors. This is why it is important to improve your indoor air quality through your building design. Make sure your ducts are easily accessible so you can clean them, and remember…

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November 17,2015

Incentives in Going Green with Your Building Design

Our society as a whole has been gravitating towards more sustainable methods and materials, and Tucson architects are doing their part. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and creating a more positive work environment, you can even receive financial benefits for building green. Here is a quick look at the incentives in going green with your building design. Financial Aid While there are many benefits to using more sustainable building techniques, one of the most quantifiable types of advantages is financial aid. Erecting a new building is not an inexpensive venture, so it helps to save money wherever you…

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